On 12/31/2011 01:10 AM, 馬小布 wrote:
Hi, All:

When I run "yum install 389-ds" on Fedora 15 x64 and then run this command to setup it ,
it displays the following error message:

root@test ~:  setup-ds-admin.pl
Try setup-ds-admin.pl -ddd
before you run setup, try ps -ef|grep slapd to see if there are any slapd processes running.

When setup-ds-admin.pl fails, use
remove-ds-admin.pl -y
to wipe out everything and start over


Pick a port number between 1024 and 65535 to run your Administration
Server on. You should NOT use a port number which you plan to
run a web or application server on, rather, select a number which you
will remember and which will not be used for anything else.

Administration port [9830]:

The interactive phase is complete.  The script will now set up your
servers.  Enter No or go Back if you want to change something.

Are you ready to set up your servers? [yes]:
Creating directory server . . .
Server failed to start !!! Please check errors log for problems

/var/log/dirsvr/slapd-ldap/errors just shows

[31/Dec/2011:15:00:46 +0800] - WARNING: Import is running with nsslapd-db-private-import-mem on; No other process is allowed to access the database
[31/Dec/2011:15:00:46 +0800] - check_and_set_import_cache: pagesize: 4096, pages: 255648, procpages: 50503
[31/Dec/2011:15:00:46 +0800] - WARNING: After allocating import cache 409036KB, the available memory is 613556KB, which is less than the soft limit 1048576KB. You may want to decrease the import cache size and rerun import.
[31/Dec/2011:15:00:46 +0800] - Import allocates 409036KB import cache.
[31/Dec/2011:15:00:46 +0800] - import userRoot: Beginning import job...
[31/Dec/2011:15:00:46 +0800] - import userRoot: Index buffering enabled with bucket size 100
[31/Dec/2011:15:00:46 +0800] - import userRoot: Processing file "/tmp/ldifHPkSVg.ldif"
[31/Dec/2011:15:00:46 +0800] - import userRoot: Finished scanning file "/tmp/ldifHPkSVg.ldif" (9 entries)
[31/Dec/2011:15:00:47 +0800] - import userRoot: Workers finished; cleaning up...
[31/Dec/2011:15:00:47 +0800] - import userRoot: Workers cleaned up.
[31/Dec/2011:15:00:47 +0800] - import userRoot: Cleaning up producer thread...
[31/Dec/2011:15:00:47 +0800] - import userRoot: Indexing complete.  Post-processing...
[31/Dec/2011:15:00:47 +0800] - import userRoot: Flushing caches...
[31/Dec/2011:15:00:47 +0800] - import userRoot: Closing files...
[31/Dec/2011:15:00:47 +0800] - All database threads now stopped
[31/Dec/2011:15:00:47 +0800] - import userRoot: Import complete.  Processed 9 entries in 1 seconds. (9.00 entries/sec)
[31/Dec/2011:15:00:56 +0800] - Shutting down due to possible conflicts with other slapd processes

the log file in /tmp doesn't seem to be any help either.

I've already uninstalled, and did this command :
   root@test ~:  rm -fr /etc/dirsrv /var/lock/dirsrv /var/run/dirsrv /var/log/dirsrv

reinstalled -- same issue.

I'm really lost on this.

Could someone can give some help to me ? Thanks.....
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