I've tried out your ISO on two systems.  One was a USB install while the other was using the Cockpit tool.

The USB install went well but seems too dumbed down.  No real option for disk configuration.  On a 2560x1440 screen there were ACRES of white space and I literally had to turn my head to read from one end to the other of the line.  While not ideal for your theme, it might make sense to box the install screen to a modest size and center it in black space.  The install was successful and I was able to create an account in the little forced step through process  (Note this 'Tour' was boxed in, surrounded by other window space and was much easier to read and interact with.)

The second install using Cockpit was a bust.  As has been with other F36 ISO installs in Cockpit.  The major issue is that the many changed window sizes that the Anaconda process uses didn't work out well with the VNC viewer.  The initial Language suggestion screen couldn't be used as the 'Next' box couldn't be clicked on, nor was it obvious that TAB stepped through all the options available (though I could be wrong, as I could only see the smallest top sliver of the blue box.)

Nice look but it seems to give up too many configuration option that the current Anaconda offers and doesn't work well (or at all) with Cockpit.

Phil Reese