On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 2:39 PM, Alexjan Carraturo <axjslack@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi to all,
my name is Alexjan Carraturo, and I'm involved in Fedora as
Ambassador. For some work reason, I start to work with Arm Processor
(expecially Cortex A9, but not only). I use to use x86 version of
Fedora, without significant problem,

But, Fedora ARM it's a little bit different, and I would like to help,
especially in packaging and similar operation but;

1) I don't know how to package software
2) I don't know where to find documentation.
Take a look at this write-up -  http://www.shakthimaan.com/downloads/glv/howtos/packaging-rpm-workflow.html
It might a good place to start from.

@ARM: I have been thinking of setting up a Koji build server on one of machines at home and it will be accessible to the public, most notably my students. In the meantime, can I have access to the Seneca Koji? And is it possible for me to connect my pandaboard to it or my koji, when it's up and running? I would like to do that; but I don't how to achieve it at the moment.

So, I would like to start studing all I can need to became a good
Fedora ARM (and non only) Packager. Can you adivice how to find
official (or similar) documentation and guidlines, that explain
correctly and fully the package processing and details? I search on
google, but find a lot of things almost non clear or not complete.

Thank you
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