While going through alot of the compiles I noticed that the original perl package of 5.10 must be left in place and compile everything.
If not you have to remove alot of packages and compile the latest version of 5.12.
I did a little research and noticed that the rework from perl in the 5.10 area somwhere had a major rework  and there was a Compat module that was needed....it appears that the original 5.12 package did not include this module and was added in a later version.
You also have to compile a newer version of publican and a few other packages to get perl-5.12.3-143.fc14.armv5tel to compile.
It is then a huge deal to recompile all the latest version of the perl modules that go along with it...This may be why there are a few failures around the perl builds in koji....
I was going through the compile fo every package in the original release and then was going to work forward with the update rpms - it seems that i must jump back to perl revision 5.10.xxx but decided to go with what i have and only compile the full set of updates rpm instead.