Hi all, 

Thank you for all your answers. 

I give yoy a little more details about the why i am here 😊

I want to learn ceph, and i am really having no knowledge on ceph. 

I decided to follow the official doc on ceph.com site. 
It is said to use ceph-deploy which is not working. 
I tried to upgraded it following ceph documentation and then i was in this ceph repos story and ceph compilation! 

 I have log a bug for ceph-deploy. With no working answer. 

For your info
  Compilation is still on going
  I am trying qemu emulation to check is it is faster 

I ll try your proposals on tomorrow 


Le sam. 23 févr. 2019 à 09:41, Patrick Charles François Ernzer <pcfe@redhat.com> a écrit :

> I am trying to build a ceph cluster based on 4 raspberry3B+.

As long as you have very realistic expectations as to the performance and reliability you will get out of 4 severely underpowered (for Ceph) nodes, why not.

I do nearly the same, simply to learn Ceph, with 5 ODROID-HC2 (more bang than the 3B+ but 32 bit). I would not dream of expecting even wire speed out of SBCs with 2GiB RAM, a single Gigabit network connection attached via USB and SATA via USB.

> Following the official CEPH documentation is a dead end as packages are only available for
> readhat/centos and not fedora !

As was pointed out, your Raspis should find the packages in the repos. Please provide the output of the yum commands that Troy Dawson mailed. Maybe your repository setup has an issue.

You can view all builds of ceph for Fedora at https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/search?match=glob&type=package&terms=ceph
It's built for
- aarch64
- ppc64le
- s390x
- x86_64

> I tried to used the el7 repository but the are conflicts
> and lacks with fedora repos.

Yeah, I would not attempt to mix that way.

> Did I miss something ?

If "dnf search ceph" shows you results, then you might be trying to install Ceph wrongly. Are you using ceph-ansible? I definitely recommend you do.
or, if not using Luminous, but master
although I recommend you start with a stable version if this is your first foray into Ceph.

> I am now trying to compile from sources. it is still ongoing ( 16% after 24h !)

Yeah, that will take a while. I'd be too impatient for that ;-)

On Ceph itself, I am happily playing with Ceph Luminous using Bluestore, if you want Luminous too, be sure to use the stable-3.2 branch of ceph-ansible, as documented.

As my SBC definitely are at the lowest end of http://docs.ceph.com/docs/master/start/hardware-recommendations/ I adjusted
osd_memory_target http://docs.ceph.com/docs/mimic/rados/configuration/bluestore-config-ref/

I expect to have to do many more tunings in the days and weeks to come.

As always with a cluster, you may want to consider:
- using monitoring to notice if one of many nodes is down
- using a watchdog to bounce nodes that are unresponsive
- wiring up serial consoles and logging to a logserver

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