I try to compile and install some programs in CentOS 7 which depends on LAPACK.

I hope to use LAPACK linked to OpenBLAS, which gives better performance compared to Reference BLAS.

But in CentOS 7, LAPACK packages is linked to Netlib BLAS, not OpenBLAS.

As far as I know, in Arch Linux, their team provides such package

which provides LAPACK library linked to OpenBLAS.

So I guess it is possible to have such package in CentOS, too.

I know that I can just compile LAPACK + OpenBLAS by myself rather than installing pre-compiled packages, but it would be better to have rpm files instead..

I tried to modify existing RPM Spec file but without success.

Can EPEL team help provide such LAPACK packages linked to OpenBLAS?


C. C. Hsu

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