I would like to suggest a great addition to the EPEL, the z Systems architecture (s390x). 
I have seem a great number of requests around EPEL for z Systems, its definitely a growing platform around Linux as IBM keeps offering better and more efficient servers that are basically a datacenter in a box - which is a great way for customers to reduce costs by consolidating Linux workloads.
EPEL repository to s390x can be a great way to allow customers to try an unsupported package that still not available to RHEL on z Systems - that can in time mature, and can skip some of the processes to make into the RHEL for z Systems distro.

The idea is to offer more technology options (Fedora Packages) to customers using RHEL on z Systems - this can flag us what packages are customers really interested into for RHEL on z Systems that are still not available in the Enterprise distro.
Please let’s brainstorm this suggestion here, IBMers, community members, Fedora members, RedHatter, you are all welcome to join this discussion.

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Filipe Miranda
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