Dan Horák <dan@danny.cz> wrote on 2015-06-24 08:53:24 AM:

> yeah, I mean zPDT and Hercules. I haven't tried F-22 on Hercules yet,
> but F-21 worked fine there. And I suppose zPDT won't have issues as
> well. For the Fedora builds we use native builders on a LPAR from the
> Red Hat zEC12.

Good to hear. These are certainly possibilities if there isn't enough
native capacity.

> One of the first steps towards EPEL should taking the current source
> RPMs and start building them using mock (which is one level below the
> koji build system for proper EPEL) and publish the results. This step
> is important even when there won't be an agreement to merge s390x into
> EPEL, because the other options like "secondary EPEL", where the builds
> will cloned in similar way as being done for Fedora, or maybe even using
> COPR [1] for the builds will profit from it. Or rather it is the
> necessary first step for any solution.

I have set up mock on one of my z test systems, but I ran into a snag;
I couldn't get a working mock configuration for epel-7-s390x. I tried
copying epel-7-x86_64.cfg and changing the repo URLs, but it failed to
set up the chroot jail because it couldn't find @buildsys-build. I also
tried to change the chroot_setup_cmd to use another package group; no
luck either. Could you help me out on that front?

Could you elaborate on "secondary EPEL" and cloning builds? I am not
familiar with those concepts.