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We talked about making it easier for folks to join the Fedora community
at last week's meeting. I've been thinking about it a little. I think
the work flow could be changed (tweaked) just a little. Each team has
their own system. I was wondering if we could have a sort of unified

- A FAS group: "fedora-newbie"
This would:
   - let people post to the planet. This requires fedorapeople space,
but I wonder if we can come up with another method of providing access
to the planet. I've seen many prospective ambassadors ask this question.
Since they aren't part of any non-cla groups, they can't post to the
planet and it becomes just a little more difficult to tell the community
what they're up to. Maybe we could set up a separate fedora-newbie
fedorapeople space where these newbies could add their planet files, if
individual fedorapeople space isn't OK? We'll need to talk to infra
about this.
+1 for the idea. But isn't there an already existing group for Fedora Join  ? Can't we use that ?
   - Make it easy for the entire community to interact with people that
are in the process of joining the community: you just need to query the

- the fedora-join mailing list and IRC channel will be the official
channel for fedora-newbies: fedora-join will be the community side of
this process. We help fedora-newbies with whatever issues they may have.
- fedora-newbies will be required to provide monthly updates: this will
tell us who is active, and who isn't. The FAS can be cleaned up every
six months to remove people who aren't active.
+1, cleaning up is the most crucial part of all this.
- we could hold bi-weekly fedora-join meetings where newbies can
introduce themselves, and community members can hop in to communicate
with them in a completely informal setting. We could even hold weekly
meetings such that alternate meetings are held in different timezones,
making fedora-join accessible to people around the globe. Community
could each turn up at meetings that fit their timezones.
I think keeping bi-weekly meeting would be sufficient and it would give sufficient time to the newbies as well, to work which they could
showcase in the meeting.
But if it's just for the introduction then we could hold a weekly meeting.

I stole the last few steps from the infra team. I think they have the
best and easiest join process. They create a fi-apperentice group and
give newbies access to some infra that enables them to learn how
fedora-infra works. At each meeting, new people that want to join the
infra team introduce themselves. They send out a "Meeting agenda item:
self introduction: John Doe" e-mail to the mailing list beforehand. Each
month, Kevin starts a thread "Monthly status report for fi-apperentices"
where all group members provide short updates and ask queries etc.
It's true because this helps folks in getting familiar with all the steps to get into the team slowly.

While people are in the fedora-newbies group, we'll help them join a
team, removing them from the fedora-newbies group once they've been
approved to a team group. The teams can use their FAS groups properly,
to grant infra access. In the mean time, the newbies will still be part
of the community, even if they aren't officially part of any Fedora

This will work well for other teams, such as ambassadors: Prospective
ambassadors can communicate with the community while they're still in
the mentorship process. 

I would really like to see something of the sort for all of Fedora. The
initial idea was to make Fedora Join the *single* stop for anyone that
wants to join the community. We'll have to communicate with the other
teams, sure, but it's a start.

Warm regards,
Ankur (FranciscoD)


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