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> I stole the last few steps from the infra team. I think they have the
> best and easiest join process. They create a fi-apperentice group and

They have a great process, but it also requires someone dedicated to helping
mentor the apprentices and do the status report queries. That is definitely
awesome and I'd like to see more of it across Fedora, but I don't know how
we can demand it of every sub-team.

I'm not really sure how it currently works on other teams, but maybe we should have an ambassador assigned to every team? Maybe multiple ambassadors to accommodate several timezones per sub-team? Am I wrong in thinking that ambassadors should take up responsibility of a particular team for fixed days in a given timezone if they're going to become ambassadors? I understand people are only volunteers, but I feel not being guided by a human when starting out really puts off newcomers. It would be nice to have rosters of ambassadors/contributors mentoring newcomers at specific periods of time.

Sorry for the repeated reply, I just had a chat with Pete on irc and it seems like I may have not explained my intent properly. What I really mean to say is that there should be someone on every team to help out newcomers, show them specifically how they can help with a project based on their skills, and then be with them until they first set it up on their local (or come up with a logo for eg). Now this person may or may not be an ambassador, but it's useful if all ambassadors know such people so they know who to point people to when they're directing people to a team. 


fedora-join mailing list

I think if it was set up as an ambassador controlled help line, then it would work great.

A forum or something that makes people feel like they aren't alone and can ask questions.  I don't necessarily think that a 1:1 ratio or a group-led walkthrough by one specific ambassador is needed, as much as a place where people can go to feel heard.  Yes the connections to real people are important, but as long as someone on the other end can help when questions arise would make all the difference.