For the contact a human, wordpress could be a good vehicle.


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On Thursday, October 4, 2018, 9:51:30 a.m. EDT, Ankur Sinha <> wrote:

On Thu, Oct 04, 2018 10:39:35 +0200, Brian (bex) Exelbierd wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 9:18 PM Ankur Sinha <> wrote:
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> > From what I see, the current system provides the option to use a tag
> > other than "easyfix" to mark tickets as such, but we can standardise
> > this and ask everyone to stick to a case insensitive "easyfix" to make
> > it somewhat simpler.
> I think encouraging a single tag is great, but allowing projects to do
> what makes sense is also good.  I believe, but haven't checked, that
> hte current page allows for any arbitrary tag.  Lets put in a sane
> default, but not break existing projects.


I had a look at the script recently when I submitted a PR or two, but
I've forgotten how it uses tags. I think it allows any tags for
Github/Pagure/Gitlab as long as they are listed on the wiki page, but
for bugs from Bugzilla, one must use "EasyFix".

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> > Recently, I was looking at the Github docs, and they have a very nice
> > "contact a human" link on all their pages. Can we add this to the
> > easyfix page somehow? I think Hubs is to be moved to prod soon, so this
> > may not be needed. We can use Col 3 above to link to the SIG's landing
> > page on Hubs which, as I remember, will have the IRC/ML status in the
> > sidebars or somewhere.
> I think a click to email is great.  A click to chat too.  Hubs is not
> going into production as the project is no longer under development,
> aiui.  Therefore we should consider what easy efforts we could take.

Ah, that's sad to hear. I was really looking forward to hubs :(

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> > I'd love a "contact a human" link on WCIDFF too. It could either take
> > folks to the related SIG's landing page on hubs, or to their IRC channel
> > using webchat/matrix/whatever. Even our "Communicating and getting help"
> > page would be a start, although, there's quite a bit of info there and
> > people new to the community may find it confusing
> >
> >
> >
> > (I just noticed that telegram, matrix etc. are not mentioned on this
> > page yet :o )
> I think we should consider using an email link, a pagure issue link,
> and an IRC link.  The Telegram channels are not official and it causes
> some consternation if we treat them as such.  Matrix is a good option
> for IRC connections.

I'll file a ticket on our pagure. This shouldn't be too hard to add to

> >
> > Ideally, I'd like a "contact a human" link on all our footers. We have
> > ~40 channels and even more mailing lists. There is no shortage of
> > communication methods for everything Fedora related, so would be a bad
> > idea to help folks get to them?
> How would you design the page that helps a person find the human in
> those 40+ methods?

We could simply link to "communicating and getting help" to start with?
It lists most mailing lists and IRC channels.

I see that the footer in already does this as "Get
help"---should we rephrase that to "Get in touch" or something more
general that doesn't have a "troubleshooting" connotation?

The new docs website does not use a similar footer yet, and neither do
the wikis or the web apps I've used recently.

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> I'd rather see that effort go into a twitter or social media feed.
> Most people reading our Planet probably don't need easyfix guidance.
> This isn't saying we should exclude them, but newbies are, imho, more
> likely to see our social media traffic than one post buried in the
> planet.

Now that I know how easyfix works internally, it doesn't lend itself
to publishing automated updates on either RSS or social media. It does
not update incrementally like the planet does (venus). It simply fetches
all tickets each time and puts the info through a template to generate
the HTML. So it isn't aware of a new ticket being added. We'll have to
re-design the backend to support such updates.

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> Could you help mentor a student in the next round of projects?

Sure, but I wouldn't want to be the single point of contact. I'm trying
to squeeze out whatever free cycles I can to work on NeuroFedora
nowadays. NeuroFedora + join + classroom is all the free time away from
my research work that I can manage at the moment :(


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