Attributes in the Employee Information section of the user web page are blank following a series of OS/IPA updates. 
The "ipa user-find --all" cli command shows these attributes fine. 

Specifically (in my case):
  Department Number
  Employee Number
  Employee Type

I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this.  Trying to find a small test case, I've found 1 of my development VMs that has some snapshots.  It's Rocky 8.  It has seen OS/IPA updates frequently in the last month.  This VM also has a snapshot on December 8th.

Now I have 3 clones of this VM (at different snapshot times):
dev-current  --  fails to show these attributes on user web page
dev-dec8  --  shows these attributes
dev-dec8-updated-to-current  --  shows these attributes

The system is mainly used to test updates, data remains the same.  The only difference I can think of is "dev-current" has had *incremental* OS/IPA updates between Dec 8th and now.

I'm combing through a filesystem diff, trying to figure out why they behave differently, /usr/share/ipa appears to be the same.  Something else odd: "dev-current" has a new section "User attributes for SMB services" on the user web page.  The dev-dec8 and dev-dec8-updated-to-current states/VMs don't have this section on the user web page.

Interested in any troubleshooting ideas, or ideas of why this is happening.

Thank you,