I have noticed that we had a broken replication agreement between replica in amazon and on another physical node. 
I have attempted to re-initialize but received
Update failed! Status: [2 Replication error acquiring replica: excessive clock skew]

I had triple verified that time on both is correct and at most within seconds of each other.

in dirsrv logs I get 
Excessive clock skew from supplier RUV
Unable to acquire replica: error: excessive clock skew

 After doing a bit of searching I found this beauty:

The article mentions that the time skew might occur due to server being virtualied, and I'm  wondering if this is applicable to Amazon.

The steps mentioned in the article look intrusive (and intimidating) . I'm curious what other avenues are available to me to fix this?
If I blow away the replica and re-set up the new one from scratch would that fix the problem.