On 1/12/22 11:43 AM, Rob Crittenden wrote:

Scott Serr via FreeIPA-users wrote:
Attributes in the Employee Information section of the user web page are blank following a series of OS/IPA updates. 
The "ipa user-find --all" cli command shows these attributes fine. 

Specifically (in my case):
  Department Number
  Employee Number
  Employee Type

I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this.  Trying to find a small test case, I've found 1 of my development VMs that has some snapshots.  It's Rocky 8.  It has seen OS/IPA updates frequently in the last month.  This VM also has a snapshot on December 8th.

Now I have 3 clones of this VM (at different snapshot times):
dev-current  --  fails to show these attributes on user web page
dev-dec8  --  shows these attributes
dev-dec8-updated-to-current  --  shows these attributes

The system is mainly used to test updates, data remains the same.  The only difference I can think of is "dev-current" has had *incremental* OS/IPA updates between Dec 8th and now.

I'm combing through a filesystem diff, trying to figure out why they behave differently, /usr/share/ipa appears to be the same.  Something else odd: "dev-current" has a new section "User attributes for SMB services" on the user web page.  The dev-dec8 and dev-dec8-updated-to-current states/VMs don't have this section on the user web page.

Interested in any troubleshooting ideas, or ideas of why this is happening.

Thank you,

dnf.log shows dev-current had an update to 4.9.6-6 that the other clone
(dev-dec8-updated) did not. 
It looks like 4.9.6-6, although replaced has created this lingering problem.

2021-11-04T12:48:27-0600 DEBUG Upgraded:
2022-01-11T12:07:55-0700 DEBUG Upgraded:

2021-11-04T12:48:27-0600 DEBUG Upgraded:
2021-12-08T11:34:23-0700 DEBUG Upgraded:
2021-12-21T09:55:41-0700 DEBUG Upgraded:

I don't quite follow what you're trying to ask. Are these two separate
systems? Do both show the same behavior?

Does the information show in the cli? ipa user-show --all someuser

Do/did you have any custom plugins?

What exact attributes are not displaying?


I'm sorry Rob, yesterday my web email client didn't do well with threading, I've tried to fix the thread.

These are clones of the same system, early on Dec 8th they were the same and since then took 2 different upgrade paths.  (I only power up 1 at a time because of IPs and hostnames)

2021-11-04T12:48:27-0600 DEBUG Upgraded: ipa-server-4.9.2-4
2022-01-11T12:07:55-0700 DEBUG Upgraded: ipa-server-4.9.6-10
2021-11-04T12:48:27-0600 DEBUG Upgraded: ipa-server-4.9.2-4
2021-12-08T11:34:23-0700 DEBUG Upgraded: ipa-server-4.9.6-6
2021-12-21T09:55:41-0700 DEBUG Upgraded: ipa-server-4.9.6-10

The "dev-current" has gone down a different upgrade path from "dev-dec8-updated" but they arrive at the same place (4.9.6-10).  It appears that 4.9.6-6 has caused the issue.  The issue being those attributes in Employee Information section of the web page.

These clone VMs did have a simple custom plugin.  It was /usr/share/ipa/ui/js/plugins/myplugin/myplugin.js.  I removing the custom plugin (from dev-current), but that didn't fix the missing attributes on the web page.  Maybe there is some caching that I need to clear.  Very well could be something from our custom plugin, is there anything tricky to back it out?

"ipa user-show --all me" shows Employee Type, Employee Number, and Department Number properly.

Thank you for looking into this,