Hello All,


I have a user in our FreeIPA domain, whose password according to the applied policy (displayed in the user properties UI ) should have expired ~ 2 months ago, but it never did, nor did it force the user to reset it. The below LDAP user attributes show old data and all in accordance with the password policy. The user is still able to authenticate to the applications using LDAP connection against the FreeIPA servers. The krblastsuccessfulauth gets updated every time the user logs in. I assume if I force-reset the user’s password, it will go back to normal. However, I’d like to understand how to explain such a bizarre behavior and avoid it in the future.


User password expiration: 20190305034410Z

krblastpwdchange: 20190104034410Z

krblastsuccessfulauth: 20190501213547Z







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