Hi Ken,

>   I work on a desktop environment project called Regolith[1] which
> currently supports Ubuntu-based systems.  We have an open issue[2] for
> porting our desktop environment to Fedora and a user noted the existence of
> this project and suggested maybe we could work together.  I clicked around
> a bit in your project pages but did not find much in the way of concrete
> details.  Things that  I am interested in, and may be topics for
>   discussion:
We took Regolith Linux as well as Manjaro i3 community edition as part of our inspiration, thanks for that great project.
> 1. How do you intend to handle the "desktop environment" stuff (Set screen
> resolution, sound output, user locale, etc.)?
> 2. How do you intend to create your package dependency graph?
>   From the 2 or so years I've worked on this project, I think a big design
> challenge is how to allow for users to modify and extend their desktop in
> such a way that updates over time do not break user configurations but
> still allow the freedom to make changes under the hood.  I am working on a
> design for decomposition of an i3 config file into conf.d style
> partials[3].  I'd also be curious as to what insights you may have
> here.
>   Currently I am working on breaking the package topology of Regolith to
> allow for easier porting to package formats such as RPM and host operating
> systems such as Debian, and potentially also entirely different desktop
> systems such as Wayland/Sway.

Dan answered most of your questions, if you have anything else to share and/or to ask, feel free to reach us here.

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