There were packages suggested by <buredoRUNofthecyborg> that can be added into the spin which we can brainstorm, that needs some discussion from others. We tried to cover some of it in a meeting[1] but weren't able to discuss all of them. So, how about discussing it asynchronously here. 

One thing to consider is:
- The package should be FOSS within a good license[2] for Fedora. 
- If the package is not packaged yet, someone from the SiG can help with packaging and maintaining it.

So, here are the packages that weren't discussed: 
- Clipboard manager: GPaste?
- Torrent Client: Fragments? Transmission? rtorrent ?
- Image Viewer: Feh? EOM?
- File manager: Caja (fewer deps) MC? rover[3] ?
- ffmpegthumbnailer
- aria2
- ghostwriter (Markdown, not essential)
- System Monitor: Deepin System Monitor (looks good) htop | ytop or ctop ? [4]
- i3lock-fancy (nasirhm is working on packaging it, due to a licencing issue with a dependency is causing a issue here.)
- LibreOffice? XFCE Office ?
- flameshot 
- Email client: mutt ?
- E-Reader: Foliate/ Bookworm? (Not essential)
- Polybar
- Youtube-dl
- xpenguins
- Tilix

Some of these above mentioned packages could not be Free Software under a good license. So it's best to keep them out of the list.

We can continue the discussion here asynchronously and once we get some ideas, We can update the Wiki page for Brainstorm. 


Nasir Hussain