I haven’t done any investigation into using mirrormanager under python3.  This TurboGears forum seems to indicate that, as of November 2013, TG2 wasn’t fully ported to python3.  And mirrormanager isn’t even ported to TG2.  This would be a very heavy lift for me to undertake, I don’t see it happening any time soon if folks are going to wait on me to do it.  That said, I’m happy for any other contributor to take on that job.




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In looking at the EPEL and EL7 coming up I realized that EL7 does not ship python3 currently. How does this affect our roadmap plans for moving to Python3 in the near future and if it does how much work do we expect it to be to support python3.4 in EPEL?


I figured this was more of an infrastructure



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