El 29 de marzo de 2012 05:25, Mario Santagiuliana <fedora@marionline.it> escribió:
In data giovedì 29 marzo 2012 01:33:21, Kevin Kofler ha scritto:
> Neal Becker wrote:
> > The main reason I'm using nvidia driver is because it has a decent gui
> > for setting up multiple screens, for those occasions that I need to
> > present results.
> >
> > Does nouveau have a decent way to connect a projector, select
> > resolutions, etc?
> Nouveau supports XRandR and thus can be set up using KDE's System
> Settings (or the dialog which a popup dialog offers you to bring up when
> you plug in a projector, it's the same settings module (KCM) at work in
> both cases).
>         Kevin Kofler
In fedora you could also try a command line tools call "disper", it help
you to set up quickly two screens.

There is also a GUI called gdisper (http://gitorious.org/gdisper/gdisper). But Kevin is right: using nVidia blob you'll miss xrandr, KCM and other stuff.

I'm using the nVidia blob right now without any serious problem (Fedora 16 + KDE 4.8.1 with graphics effects). IIRC, there is an option to select the primary display in nvidia-settings. After that, disper (or gdisper) should respect your choice.
Christian González G.