Am Freitag, 4. August 2017, 16:23:39 CEST schrieb Martin (KDE):

Am Dienstag, 1. August 2017, 02:58:28 CEST schrieb Anthony Joseph Messina:

> I've been using KMail with Akonadi/IMAP for a number of years and have been

> able to use GSSAPI authentication without issue at least back through F23.

> After upgrading to F26, KMail now asks for a password every X minutes.

> Without entering a password, I click "Ok" and it proceeds to retrieve my

> email.


> My Cyrus logs indicate I logged in with GSSAPI.


> Has anyone else run into this sort of thing?


> Thanks. -A




This is the same for me.


The dialog box asking for the password is strange in any ways, as i have configured my kdewallet to store the other password I have to use.





An even worse, kmail refused to work with kerberos/pssapi. Same is true for thunderbird btw. ssh and http on the other hand are working via kerberos. What does imap clients use an breaks kerberos that other clients don't.


for thunderbird I have filed a bug report but (1485456) but no response so far.