Hi Pravin,

Any updates here? It's been almost a month and can we now safely assume that anipeter is now inactive as a language coordinator?  From what I see in datagrepper[1], she seems to be away.

[1] https://apps.fedoraproject.org/datagrepper/raw?user=anipeter

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Hi Pravin,

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Please find my details below :
Name: Sachin S. Kamath
Location: Coimbatore, India.
Login: skamath
Language: Hindi, Malayalam
Welcome to Translation project. I guess Malayalam is your first language. Good to start with Malayalam group.
Did you sent request to Malayalam translation group? https://fedora.zanata.org/language/view/ml?dswid=-2522
Ani Peter is coordinator, let me know once you send request to join, i can ask her whether she can approve your request.

Yes, I already applied for the group and am waiting for the approval. It'd be great if you can help me get started :)

Sent her email by keeping you and noriko in cc. I hope she will able to do it soon.


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