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upgrading RH 9 system->Fedora with iso files and apt only
by Didier Casse
8 months, 3 weeks
Self-Introduction: Denis Ovsienko and /etc/net project
by Denis Ovsienko
14 years, 11 months
[offtopic] Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams
by Arthur Pemberton
15 years, 9 months
Move Evolution to Extras?
by David Woodhouse
15 years, 9 months
Re: gstreamer and selinux issue
by Louis Garcia
15 years, 11 months
Firefox trademark shenanigans (Re: Any chance of getting Firefox 2.0 into rawhide/FC6?)
by Konstantin Ryabitsev
15 years, 11 months
Any chance of getting Firefox 2.0 into rawhide/FC6?
by Gilboa Davara
15 years, 12 months
where have some X bitmaps gone?
by Patrice Dumas
15 years, 12 months
rpmbuild with target i386 on x86_64 sets %{_libdir} to lib64.
by Rob Andrews
16 years
Re: FC5 "rpmbuild -ta" problems
by Marcio Oliveira
16 years
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