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Fedora 32 System-Wide Change proposal: Disallow Empty Password By Default
by Ben Cotton
10 hours, 41 minutes
Modularity and all the things
by Petr Šabata
1 day, 13 hours
js-jquery - Re: List of long term FTBFS packages to be retired in February (beta)
by Raphael Groner
3 days, 11 hours
Potential module for wxGTK3.1 unstable series / Audacity
by David Timms
4 days, 6 hours
Reproducible builds/bootstrap
by Pablo Greco
4 days, 13 hours
List of Python 2 packages to be removed mid-November
by Miro Hrončok
4 days, 18 hours
FESCo (and others) election voting now open
by Ben Cotton
5 days, 1 hour
RFC: Modularity Simplified
by Igor Gnatenko
5 days, 1 hour
Fedora 32 Self-Contained Change proposal: Rebase apt package from apt-rpm to Debian's apt
by Ben Cotton
5 days, 9 hours
Provisional pyproject RPM macros: Dynamic BuildRequires for Python packages
by Miro Hrončok
6 days, 12 hours
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