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upgrading RH 9 system->Fedora with iso files and apt only
by Didier Casse
1 year
how to speed up mock?
by Farkas Levente
11 years, 10 months
by Andy Shevchenko
12 years, 6 months
Font rendering in F13
by Matthias Clasen
12 years, 6 months
Purging the F13 orphans
by Jesse Keating
12 years, 8 months
sysconfig ifcfg-* support for running custom post-up scripts per interface?
by Pasi Kärkkäinen
12 years, 8 months
Harmless KDE feature upgrades - yeah right
by Juha Tuomala
12 years, 8 months
should man-pages-* have Requires: man?
by Ivana Varekova
12 years, 9 months
spin kickstart/minimization cleanups
by Colin Walters
12 years, 9 months
FWD: orphaning curlftpfs , mod_auth_shadow
by Kevin Fenzi
12 years, 9 months
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