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How to set default session type to Plasma for sddm
by Roderick Johnstone
1 year, 3 months
nntp (aka, usenet) client in kde?
by Gene Smith
2 years, 11 months
time to orphan/retire unmaintained uncommon kde4 language bindings?
by Rex Dieter
3 years, 8 months
Emacs key binding in KDE​ Plasma 5?
by Sherman Grunewagen
3 years, 8 months
SDDM Themes not working
by Gerald B. Cox
3 years, 10 months
Plasma 5.12.2 for Fedora 27 in updates-testing
by Jan Grulich
4 years, 10 months
Request for a review of F28 Release blocking deliverables
by Jan Kurik
4 years, 11 months
Amarok does not stop playing
by Florian Sievert
4 years, 11 months
Fedora27: KDE-Plasma/networkManager: Ethernet interfaces set to 100MBits/sec half duplex
by Terry Barnaby
4 years, 11 months
Menu-panel crashes
by Klaus Kolle
4 years, 11 months
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