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How to set default session type to Plasma for sddm
by Roderick Johnstone
2 years, 3 months
nntp (aka, usenet) client in kde?
by Gene Smith
4 years
SDDM: restart don't kill greeter/helper-prcoesses
by Reindl Harald
7 years, 10 months
Plasma 5 - Where have all the screensavers gone
by Eli Wapniarski
8 years, 3 months
DBus error from kdeinit4
by Patrick O'Callaghan
8 years, 5 months
F21: fedora-easy-karma / bodhi / updates testing / kf5-baloo
by Reindl Harald
8 years, 5 months
Problems logging out
by Roderick Johnstone
8 years, 5 months
can't login more than once
by Glenn Holmer
8 years, 5 months
[radeon] plasma screen corruption/nothing to click on except crash notifier -> black screen
by Felix Miata
8 years, 5 months
kf5-kactivities: dvratil-plasma-5 behind fedora 21 updates
by Michael J Gruber
8 years, 6 months
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