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What are consequences of "merger necessitates removal of ... packages due to licensing issues"
by Randall J. Parr
17 years
Performance testing (pass 1)
by Stephan Schutter
17 years
XFree86 weirdness: no neomagic but fb?
by Patrick
17 years
Up2date from rawhide on severn2
by Thiago Vinhas de Moraes
17 years
Fedora Test 2 will not log in to Gnome?
by Sean Earp
17 years
automated build tool for an src.rpm tree ?
by Balint Cristian
17 years
text vs. graphical boot
by Andre Robatino
17 years
New extra packages...
by Nils Philippsen
17 years
ANNOUNCE: Severn Test 2 Anaconda Updates Image Available
by Michael Fulbright
17 years
mozilla theme
by Justin Georgeson
17 years
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